Articles and Papers

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Ginot, E. (2015). The Neuropsychology of the Unconscious: integrating Brain and Mind in Psychotherapy. New York: Norton. This book received the GRADIVA AWARD, for best book.

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  • This paper received the Gradiva Award for Best Article in 2002.

Ginot, E. (1997). The analyst use of self, self-disclosure, and enhanced integration. Psychoanalytic Psychology, 14, 365–81.

Presentations (most, at least)

May 2022, Presentation at the Assisi Institute

June, 2022, Webinar to the Italian Psychoanalytic Association

March, 2021, Zoom presentation and workshop at the Assisi institute.

September 2020. A presentation on Unconscious Processes at the Westchester Medical Center.

November, 2019. Ten-session Zoom class given to a psychoanalytic institute, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

June, 2019: Two days educational seminar on unconscious processes, London

November, 2019 Part of a panel at ta conference organized by the Assisi, Florida USA

September 2018: A presentation and a master class in a conference on Childhood Trauma, Melbourne, Australia

May 2017: A presentation at a neuropsychological; conference organized by the Yellowbrick Treatment Center, Chicago. The enacted unconscious and therapeutic change.

Fall 2016: Part of a panel organized by Minnesota Public Radio. Delving within: the new science of the unconscious.

Annual Conference NYSPA Division of Psychoanalysts: Psychoanalysis Meets Neuroscience, May 22nd, 2016. A clinical case presentation in a panel with Mark Solms.

The Metropolitan Institute, NYC, November, 2015: “The Enacted Unconscious and Therapeutic Change: A Neuropsychological Model.”

The Yellowbrick Treatment Center, Chicago. January 2014: “Identifying Emotional and Behavioral Patterns in Adolescents and the Use of Enactments in Psychotherapy.”

Affect Regulation Conference, April 2013:”The Neuropsychology of Self-Narratives: Therapeutic Implications.”

NYC Conference organized by Allen Schore, April 2011: “Implicit self-states and the importance of enactments in the psychoanalytic process.”

The Boulder Institute for Psychotherapy, Boulder Colorado. May 2012: “Implicit Self-states and therapeutic enactments: A case Presentation.”

Division 39 Spring meeting, 2008. “Knowing - not knowing and sort of knowing.” Presented a paper: How do we know an experience? What neuroscience can teach us about conscious and nonconscious processes in enactments.