Welcome to my site where I hope you find some new answers to the old question of what makes each one of us a unique person. With the developing field of neuroscience our insatiable curiosity about human motivation no longer relies on theoretical models alone but has become firmly rooted in neuropsychological reseach. Through my publications and presentations I would very much like to engage you with the many aspects that highlight the nature of our embodied psyche. Hopefully, my attempts to integrate the fields of psychology, psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and neuroscience will open the window to new insights.

After many years of practicing psychoanalysis and psychotherapy i realized that without fully acknowledging that our brains, minds and bodies are inextrivably interconnected, we cannot fully understand ourselves and those who seek help for recurrent difficulties. Only a bettter understanding of how the brain/mind/body develops into entrenched personality patterns can explain our repeated internal and interpersonal problems and why they can be so stubborn and difficult to change.

If a deeper understanding of what drives our emotions, thoughts and behaviors is found in the unity of brain mind, and body, a growing, more contemporary picture of how unconscious processes work is the most significant manifestation of it. When we grasp the power of the ongoing activity of our unconscious, its influence on everything we feel, think and do, we can approach human problems and emotional difficulties with more compassion and helpful tools.

My book: The Neuropsychology of the Unconscious: Integrating Brain and Mind in Psychotherapy presents a contemporary, research based new model of the unconscious and how it affects every aspect of who we are.

My new book: Our Anxious Selves: Neuropsychological Processes and Their Enduring Influence on Who We Are

explores the outsize effects of the feaf system on our development and the creation of harmful and painful self-states or parts of our personality. Here as well, the role of unconscious processes is explored and emphasized.

Please join me, then, on an exciting journey for greater knowledge and understanding, and as result, enhanced self-awareness and psychological growth.

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